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Operation CHAMPS aims to provide free CHAMPsitting, 'Duty-Free' Fun
and The Little C.H.A.M.P.S book to Servicemembers and their families.


Operation CHAMPS engages civilian communities in giving back to military families. Operation CHAMPS' mission is twofold:

  • Cultivates an attitude of gratitude to military families locally and nationwide.
  • Raises civilian awareness and cultural understanding to bridge the gap between the military and civilian worlds.


With widespread public support, community involvement, and partnerships, we aim to expand Operation CHAMPS to serve military communities nationwide.

Little Champs

The Little C.H.A.M.P.S

Operation CHAMPS serves as a main distributor for "The Little C.H.A.M.P.S" (Child Heroes Attached to Military Personnel) children’s book. “The Little C.H.A.M.P.S” book serves as a public health initiative with a dual purpose.

  1. Serves as a therapy tool for military children to cope with their military-connected challenges, while acknowledging the daily sacrifices they make on our behalf; and
  2. Raises awareness among civilian children about military life, and the challenges faced by their military peers.
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The Little Champs Sponsors

The coalition of supporters for “The Little C.H.A.M.P.S” public health initiative includes: The USO, Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC), American Red Cross, United Through Reading, AUSA Family Programs, Operation Homefront, National Military Families Association, and Armed Services YMCA.

Ops Champs
Ops Champs

CHAMPsitting (babysitting)

Operation CHAMPS provides free CHAMPsitting services to military families. The CHAMPsitting program allows Servicemembers and their spouses to take time to themselves while knowing their children are in responsible, reliable and fun hands. Whether it is a deployed Servicemember’s spouse in need of respite; a Wounded Warrior needing coverage for their kids while attending a medical appointment; or a couple wanting a romantic night out—the Campus Corps will provide reliable sitters. Each CHAMPsitter will be screened and trained to ensure a safe and fun environment.

Duty-Free Fun

Operation CHAMPS provides military families with fun, free opportunities to go out and enjoy themselves. Whether it be: dinner at a local restaurant or an afternoon at the spa, these packages are geared towards giving Servicemembers and their families a fun and relaxing experience. CHAMPsitters will be provided upon request.

We Want You!

Every minute, every dollar, and every person will make a difference in helping us express our attitude of gratitude for those who have protected our country and sacrificed so much on our behalf. Please help us support our Veterans and their families through one or all three of these ways:

  • Share Your Time: Volunteer with the Campus Corps; get trained as a CHAMPsitter; or intern with us! Every minute matters…
  • Donate Your Resources: Sponsor an event; donate “The Little CHAMPS” books; provide in-kind donations; or donate to our website! Every dollar counts…
  • Grow Our Network: Designate us as one of your charities; network us with individuals of influence; or bring new volunteers, donors, and friends into our Operation CHAMPS family! Every connection makes a difference…

Contact Us

Operation CHAMPS
P. O. Box 342431
Bethesda, MD 20827
E-mail: info@operationchamps.org